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Our Adoptable Horses

Lea is a 15 year old Registered Quarter Horse mare that was at a feedlot in NJ and was taken to the auction as "heavily in foal," all of her photos seemed to align with that description until one week after being in NC she had not had a foal. After two vet checks and ultrasounds there was no foal, contact to a previous owner revealed that she had foaled 3 months ago and the foal died just 1 week before the previous owners took her to the auction to be slaughtered. She was very emaciated and actually started to pass live intestinal parasites. So Lea has undergone extensive deworming protocols and has lost a lot of her distended parasite infested abdomen and is gaining weight nicely. She is a pleasant mare looking for her forever home. She is 15.2 hh and just a joy to be around. The whole farrier thing is something new for her and she is trying really hard to get good at it, any adoptive home would have to have experience working with horses who are nervous around their feet at times and have a patient farrier. She is green under saddle, but very willing to please. Please email for an adoption application for this lovely girl! Adoption fee $600 
Lucy is a 6 year old QH Paint Pony at 13.2 hh, she is a beauty! Lucy was an owner surrender at a local animal shelter due to financial circumstances. Lucy has laminitis in all four feet, although it is not active, it is something to be very mindful of and she has to not become overweight. Lucy had very overgrown feet and in the first trimming she had almost normal looking feet. She stands well for the farrier, loads, leads, does anything one could ask for. The only thing with Lucy is her pasture mate situation, Lucy had previously been beaten up by her previous pasture mate and she can put up a "Napoleon" syndrome feat to submissive horses. Lucy does fine pastured alone and would be a great single horse, however, recently we did partner Lucy and Lea up in the pasture together, and they have become the best of friends. Suitability to ride will be determined when a previous abscess grows out of the front of her right front foot. Adoption fee: $400
***UPDATE: Lucy is doing great, she stands well for fly spray, baths, the farrier, loads like a dream, and loves being outside! She is ready for her new home, could that be you??
Apollo is one of our newest additions, currently in intensive care due to his severe starvation. Apollo is around 13 years old, breed to be determined once he has gained weight and muscle mass back. He is a big boy at 16 hh and has obviously had a hard life but will never again see mean people. Although he is severely emaciated, he is the sweetest boy and does whatever you ask of him. He loves being brushed and loved on, his hair is falling out and becoming bald in spots due to his malnutrition. His tail was matted into a large ball and when finally brushed out barbed wire was found in his tail.
*Apollo is currently undergoing rehabilitation, therefore he is not available for adoption at the time. As soon as he is ready to be placed for adoption, we will announce his adoption fee.
Charlie (previously Pavlov) is a new intake from MA, he is a 9 yo OTTB gelding that has lameness in his right front leg due to a previous injury he sustained while racing. He has had a very long and grueling racing career of 66 starts, last racing 4/13/13. He is going to have a full evaluation (radiographically) this coming Monday July 29, 2013 and any/all donations towards this are greatly appreciated! We are trying to raise at least $500 for vet care, joint supplements, and Legend Injections for him to start. He does need groceries as he is underweight and has lost a fair amount of muscle mass all over. This guy is very sweet and loving and will most likely be a great HUS gelding FLAT work only and/or trail horse! Adoptability will be determined after this guy gets a minimum of 4 months off and just gets to be a horse for a while!
*Charlie is currently undergoing rehabilitation, therefore he is not available for adoption at the time. As soon as he is ready to be placed for adoption, we will announce his adoption fee. 
**Charlie is now available for a companion only home! We feel that due to his intense history in his racing career he would be best suited as a companion. Adoption fee $700 
Elliot is an 8 month old bald face colt that was FERAL only 3 months ago. He is going to mature to be well over 16hh and will make an amazing HUS/OF horse! He can CLEAR a 5ft fence with no problem when he tried to go see the other horses at his foster home! His training was donated by Hidden Acres Farm and he now leads, loads, lunges, ties, bathes, stands for fly spray. He has been desensitized to tarps, etc! He is doing amazing with his training and is ready to go to his forever home now. Adoption fee $800
Elvis is a 7 month old Palomino QH colt that was FERAL (along with Elliot) only 3 months ago. He should mature to around 16hh and has a wide open field of what he could do! He is much more lazy than his half brother Elliot; his training was also donated by Hidden Acres Farm and he also leads, loads, lunges, ties, bathes, stands for fly spray. He is also desensitized to tarps, etc! He is ready to find his forever home! Adoption fee $800
Cash is a 13 yo, 16.2hh OTTB gelding that won over half a million dollars in his previous life! He was retrained to be a police horse and had an unexpected accident occur before he was going to his new life. Unfortunately he fractured his hock and can not be used in the program he was previously in due to this injury last year. He joined our family from his previous home in MA and has already been ridden bareback with only a halter and lead rope!!!He is calm and so friendly! He is being the babysitter for Elvis and Elliot currently. Cash would excel as a trail horse or just flatwork only for HUS. He can not be jumped from his previous injury but has been cleared with his radiographs recently to start back to work. He is currently on Phycoxx joint supplement and will need to be on one indefinitely.

12/13: Cash lost a sudden battle with Colitis at the NCSU-CVM, he was hospitalized in ICU and suddenly developed a diaphragmatic hernia which left him with no other option but euthanasia. Cash was dearly loved and had every chance given to him to try and win the battle against this awful condition.
Ashley (blue roan) & Carley (chocolate palomino) are the newest additions to the rescue. These girls are 6 & 10yrs old respectively and were an intake from Cumberland County Animal Control cruelty case. These girls are very emaciated and have several months ahead with us before they are considered available for adoption. They will be adopted together, please come out to our events at local Tractor Supply Companies and meet these sweet babies as they are going to be at most of our events. **They are now available for adoption, their adoption fee is $400 each.--ADOPTED!
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