Love of Lacey Equine Rescue


Why do different horses have different adoption fees?
Each horse has a unique adoption fee associated with it, some horses that are more suitable and don't have a lot of medical/rehabilitation issues holding them "back" have a higher adoption fee usually. This is solely based on horses that are more adoptable have a higher adoption fee, this helps all the other horses that are either permanent residents in the rescue or those with much higher rehabilitation needs. An adoption fee is the smallest amount of money that people who are looking at adoption will pay, long term care of horses is expensive (at times) and is not just for someone who thinks its a "cool" idea to own a horse. We want our horses to go to permanent homes and do all that is in our power to insure it!

How can I help?
We need contributions of all types, if you have extra hay, blankets, grain, etc that you would like to donate please feel free to send us an email and we can arrange a time for you to donate to the rescue. Additionally, we have several fundraising items that are listed on our "Fundraising" page that are available for purchase. Just helping to spread the word about our rescue can be the most positive help anyone can give and better yet it's free! We are considering foster homes now and all questions can be emailed directly to us!

I know someone who has a horse that needs a home, can you take it?
We unfortunately do not just actively take unwanted horses that owners can not find homes for. We strictly only rescue horses with medical needs and those that have conditions that need a more involved rehabilitation. If there is ever a situation of this type, email us immediately and we will see what can be done.

Where do you get these horse's from?
Our rescues have come from feedlots and local animal shelters where they have been neglected and need us to step in and give them the more involved rehabilitation that they need.
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