Love of Lacey Equine Rescue
"Every horse deserves a chance, no matter the
hand they have been dealt in life"~Brittany Saad

Who we are:

Love of Lacey Equine Rescue is a small non-profit based (501c3 pending) equine rescue, located southeast of Raleigh, NC, that specializes in equines of all ages that have been neglected, abused, and starved. We help those whom can't help their selves. We rescue horses from local animal shelters with problems such as poor podiatry, starvation, and outright neglect. Additionally, we rescue horses that are nationwide in feedlots awaiting to be exported for slaughter and need help. If we can change one horses life by education on proper equine care, nutrition, husbandry, and podiatry then we have made our goal. It all starts with one person that can be changed.

A brief history:

About four years ago I rescued my first laminitic mare from a show barn where she had actually won three world championships in halter showing. This mare looked as if she were 30 or more years old, when in reality she was only 7! I quickly took her in and started what would be the most heart wrenching eight months of rehabilitation I have ever been through. She did not have hooves, she had 11" long elf shoes on both front feet that made it so she could not bend her knees when she walked, she was so emaciated you could count every rib in her body and vertebrate down her back.

For more of Lacey's story and photos of our beloved girl please click on the Lacey Tab!

***We have now taken in a filly that is very similar to Lacey in that she doesn't have another option. This is the link to her fundraiser and story. Let's help Ariel!

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