Love of Lacey Equine Rescue


After her radiographs were taken two weeks after settling into her new home, veterinarians were appalled that she was still alive, after consulting with colleagues nationwide no one could understand how my beloved Lacey was still alive. The what was originally stated as a year of laminitis was in actuality more like two to three years without proper farrier care and veterinary treatment. We quickly decided that she had come this far by some means higher than the neglect she received prior to our obtaining her and the only way she got through and was still alive was one simple thing-HEART! My Lacey was the strongest willed horse I have ever been around, she did not let the fact that she had been so poorly treated affect her. She knew that her life now was going to cater to her every need until she could no longer fight. Lacey came so far in her eight months I had her, farther than anyone had originally said she could ever come. She became sound enough to go graze in a pasture, even trot to the barn on the way back. She was one special girl and it is out of the LOVE of her that we started this rescue, for horses like her that need a voice and someone to say, "I will help!"

Here is a photo preview of Lacey and her challenges and changes that she had in the eight months she was with me. Sadly, Lacey passed away July 14,2008 from un-hoof-related medical problems. This rescue is a tribute to her and her story so that maybe one day all horses can be loved and cared for as much as they deserve!
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