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Our Permanent Horses

 Leroy is an approximately 8 year old TB gelding that is 16hh and is as big of a love bug as they come. He came in with Leo after being relinquished by their previous owners to avoid prosecution for animal cruelty. He is severely underweight and his suitability will be determined later once he gains weight. ***Update*** Leroy is doing great and gaining weight wonderfully! He is partially/mostly blind in his Left eye and has limited vision in his Right eye. He has been seen by the vet and has new eye medications that have really helped in the two weeks he has been on them. He will have special needs to his new home, wood only fencing and a companion that will not chase him/bully him. He is broken to ride but it will not be recommended until the eye problems are under control and it can be determined if he will be able to ride safely. May be adopted with Leo as they are buddies and help each other out. Leroy had to have his left eye enucleated on Feb. 20, 2013 due to severe Glaucoma that he suddenly developed. His adoptive home must have wooden only fencing and continue with his current medications twice daily in his right eye. He does well with other non-aggressive horses in his pasture and needs a very routine day.

**Leroy is going to be a permanent resident of Love of Lacey Equine Rescue due to his daily eye medications and he is now completely blind in his remaining, Right, eye. Donations towards his care are needed.
Ariel is a 4 yo OTTB filly that was going to be euthanized due to a joint infection that was not treated properly by the previous owner. She has been three-legged lame for four months now and we are giving her every chance at life! Please help us help her, she loves life and deserves every chance at it!
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